FAQs about Surrogacy

Surrogacy is becoming much more common to help couples and singles become parents. It does have a high success rate when done properly, but people have many questions about the process.

Who Is Eligible to Use Surrogacy?

There are no restrictions on surrogacy for married or unmarried couples. Even single individuals can use gestational surrogacy as a method to have their own child. Gay and lesbian couples have become parents through this process, with the courts upholding their rights through the Uniform Parentage Act.

Who Are the Baby’s Parents?

Provided that you’ve followed the rule in California, when the baby is born, the people named as the “Intended Parents” in the paperwork immediately become the legal parents of the child. There is no adoption process or waiting period. There is a contract in place with the surrogate as well as a court order that provides for this legal status.

What About Donor Eggs or Sperm?

Even when the intended parents have used donor eggs or sperm, the potential child still is designated as the baby of the parents, not the surrogate. The legalities of using donated eggs or sperm is handled in the paperwork, with the surrogate simply acting as a gestational host.

When choosing surrogacy, it’s important to work with a medical and legal team who understand this process. Don’t leave anything to chance by not having an experienced advocate on your side. California is a surrogacy-friendly state, but it relies on you following their rules to receive the protection of the law. To get more information about egg donation in El Cajon, visit this website.


About patrobertsca

Pat has been a longtime advocate of surrogacy. His experience in educating intended parents on the egg donation and international surrogacy process allow him to offer excellent insights.
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